Mayan Gender Predictor 2019: For Real…Or Just For Fun?

Mayan Gender Predictor 2019: For Real…Or Just For Fun?
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Has anyone tried the Mayan gender chart?

Both the ancient Chinese and Mayan cultures used the calendar to predict baby’s gender.

However, why Chinese birth chart is very popular, not many people know or heard about Mayan baby gender prediction.

Similar to the legendary pregnancy calendar from China, this tool is also designed to discover the gender of an unborn child. Just by using the mother’s age and the year in which she conceived to determine whether or not you’ll give birth to a little boy or girl.

Many couples have tried this method for the entertaining purpose.

With Mayan gender predictor 2019, guessing the baby sex is much easier.

Learn more about it in this article!

What is Mayan Baby Birth Chart?

Firstly, I have to say that Mayans contributed a lot to modern civilization.

Not only inventing the advanced writing system and informing the concept of ‘0’ (zero) to the world, but they also were gifted astronomists.

With the curiosity towards everything in the universe and the beyond incredible intellect, the ancient Mayans started studying about what called ‘gender prediction.’ Eventually, they presented to the world the Mayan pregnancy calendar.

What is it exactly?

Also known as Mayan gender prediction chart, this is a tool in which expecting mothers can find out the gender for future babies to be born. Though it may sound and look similar to the original Chinese baby gender calendar, these two methods are different.

If you are a Mayan or simply interested into the Mayan culture, then you probably want to know how to use Mayan gender chart, right?

How Does Mayan Birth Calendar 2019 Work?

Similar to the Chinese, the Mayans also created an ancient gender prediction chart with the purpose of helping you get the answer if you’re having a boy or girl.

The Mayans take the mothers age at conception and the year of conception and add them together.

Apparently, if both the age you conceived and the year your unborn baby is conceived are either even or odd, there’s a baby girl in your womb. If one number is even while the other is odd, then all the kicks are from a baby boy.

For example:

According to the Mayans…

  • If the mother was 25 at the time of conception, and her conception year was 2015, then she would be carrying a GIRL.
  • In case the mother was 22 at the time of conception, and her conception month was 2017, she would be carrying a BOY.

Keep in mind the age of the mother is defined at the time of conception whereas the number represents the conception year.

It seems a bit hard for you to visualize Mayan gender predictor 2019?

Maybe the chart in the following can help!

guess the gender of your baby with mayan birth chart 2019

The column on the left side indicates the age of conception, and the row on the top of the calendar shows the year of conception. Simply match it up based on your info precisely to find your baby’s gender prediction.

How Accurate is Mayan Gender Chart Calculator?

Mayan gender predictor 2019 is the online version of the ancient Mayan pregnancy calendar.

Like when using Chinese gender prediction calculator, people are also curious about the accuracy of the Mayan culture’s invention. A gender test done with Mayan gender predictor is claimed to be over 85% accurate despite no scientific proof.

But according to some, the accuracy rate of this calculator is overall only 50% most of the time.

One thing for sure, the results of this baby gender calculator cannot be as reliable as what you gained through medical exams and ultrasounds. Nevertheless, while the doctor can only let you know the sex of your unborn child at the start of second trimester, Mayan pregnancy calendar tells you the answer at any time.

Regardless of that, I still recommend you to seek advice from your healthcare provider or doctor if you search for 100% accuracy.

Although the gender prediction tool of Mayan culture seems to be outdone by the one originated in China, it is still worth trying for entertaining purpose.

To check its accuracy, you can ask your family and friends to try it. For instance, you can enter your sister’s age and the month she has conceived to see if the calculator predicts her already born baby’s gender right. The calculator is fun to use, like any other prediction method.

How is Mayan Gender Predictor Different from Chinese Baby Gender Calculator?

Both gender prediction charts are created to help all expectant women have a glimpse about the accurate gender of the fetus.

At the first glance, these two may look similar; but in fact, they do have a few differences, mainly in the way each work.

While Chinese gender chart calculator requires your lunar age and conception month for the prediction of your baby’s gender, Mayan pregnancy predictor focuses on just the age and year of conception.

In addition, you don’t have to match things up in the Mayan calculator. If the numbers for your age and conception year are even or odd, you are likely to get pregnant a girl. In case one is even and one is odd, the result is a boy.

Is There any Difference between Mayan Gender Predictor and Shettles Method?

These two methods share nothing in common.

While the Mayan ancient method is based on the mother’s age when she conceived and year of conception, the Shettles method combines many certain elements including intercourse timing, the sex position, and the depth of penetration in order to reveal the baby sex appropriately and accurately.

How to Know Your Exact Conception Date?

Some may worry whether or not Mayan gender prediction chart 2019 still predicts accurately even if they don’t know or completely forget their conception date.

Can you still get the truthful result?

In the situation you have no idea what your exact conception date is, then simply take the average of a month (14 days) and add them to your last menstrual period. By doing this, you’re able to tell the ovulation time when the conception can occur.

Nonetheless, even if you know your conception date exactly, don’t expect 100% to the psychic prediction. Psychics cannot always predict or foresee your issue perfectly as future is not set in stone.

Does Mayan Gender Chart Predict Gender for Twins or Triplets?

Sadly the answer is no!

Mayan calendar gender predictions 2019 are unable to tell the gender for twins, triplets or even multiples because it is prone to the heredity matter. This tool is only used to determine the sex of a baby based on the mother age and year of conception.

Besides, you may want to have a look at other common baby gender prediction methods – their accuracy has already been verified.

Can You Select the Baby Gender Using Mayan Calculator 2019?

Aside from predicting the gender for the baby you are carrying, Mayan gender predictor test is believed to also help you pre-determine the sex for your future pregnancy.

The first thing to do is to find a suitable phase allowing you to conceive the child of planned gender based on your age. If you want a better improvement, then go with the period when the gender is steady for about a couple of months.

The chart above will give you the assistance in searching for the suitable months.

Please note that you will surely become pregnant with a girl if your age and the year of conception are either even or odd. On the other hand, the chance for carrying a boy will be 100% if your age is even and the conception year is odd (or vice versa).

For instance, if you are 25 years old (odd) and the year you want to conceive is 2019 (odd), then be ready for a baby girl. Likewise, in case your are 25 years old (odd) and you plan to conceive in 2020 (even), you’re likely to have a baby boy.

Some Mayan Gender Predictor Success Stories

As I said earlier, the accuracy rate of Mayan gender predictor 2019 is just 50%.

In spite of that, still a lot of people feel curious about it and want to give it a try. While there are not many chances of the prediction coming true, some luckily have a positive experience using it.

In the following, I’m going to share some success stories shared by those who have found their luck while utilizing this ancient tool:

  • I entered my every age and conception with my kids and they were all correct. I have just lost my last child in fourth month pregnancy, and it showed correct too.” – Katherine Liu
  • I was so excited! Mine came true and I am blessed with boy baby.” – Aaliya Howells
  • Yes, it’s correct. I delivered baby boy as per the prediction.” – Saoirse Dawson
  • Worked for me. It is accurate.”Keelan Ali
  • Right for my first girl. I am on my 18 weeks of pregnancy now and hoping for the girl.” – Anita Rayner

Are you currently pregnant? Or are you trying to conceive a baby?

Want to figure out the sex of your fetus? Or wish to have a pregnancy with the gender of your desire?

Mayan gender predictor 2019 is pretty accurate and can give you assistance!

For people who have used this ancient method, what did it predict for you? Is the result accurate? How does it compare to Chinese gender calculator 2019?

Please leave your comments below to let us know!


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