Boy or Girl Early Signs – Top 3 Popular Ways To Know Baby Gender

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Questions about the baby gender are generally familiar.

As a pregnant mom, it’s pretty common to wonder whether the little bundle of joy inside you is a pretty baby girl or a cute baby boy.

Most of expectant mothers are likely to try old wives tales to find out the gender they are conceiving.

Is it true that some certain symptoms can indicate exactly which gender you are carrying: a boy or a girl?

Well, it’s quite correct!

Here you’ll get to learn more about boy or girl early signs that probably give pregnant women hints to predict the baby’s sex during early pregnancy.

Why Parents Want to Know the Sex of Unborn Babies?

baby gender prediction during early pregnancy

The moment you find out that you’re pregnant, the very first question you have in mind is definitely the baby gender. Though you may wish your little one to be healthy inside your womb, you can’t help thinking whether you are carrying a boy or a girl from the moment you get a positive pregnancy test.

Pregnant women usually have talks in which they will discuss regarding which gender they prefer more. For example, some may want their first child is a boy; however, it doesn’t mean they won’t love their daughter.

In the end, parents will be happy if their children come to this life safely regardless of sex.

But, having gender prediction is still fun, right?

There are numerous common baby gender prediction methods these days.

By knowing the baby’s sex, you can come up with the baby names, buy clothes and prepare the nursery more appropriate.

Top 5 Signs You’re Conceiving a Baby Girl

What are the signs telling you are carrying a girl?

There are numerous popular beliefs and myths claimed to be able to predict early boy or girl signs. Some think that they can completely determine the gender of a baby through those myths, but medical research has debunked many of them.

Here are 5 potential symptoms of baby girl revealing you may get pregnant with a cute little girl:

1. Carrying the baby high

Of all common myths related to baby gender prediction, the most popular is having a higher bump means you’re conceiving a girl. However, you shouldn’t expect any scientific basis as it’s just a myth.

Where a woman carries her baby depends on: her body type, fitness level, weight gain, and muscle strength.

2. Being stressed out before the conception

Another sign of having a girl is that your stress will reach a high level.

Did you know that your stress level before the pregnancy test can help you find out your baby’s gender?

A 2012 study pointed out that the levels of stress hormone cortisol seem to influence the sex of an unborn child. If you have high levels of cortisol, then you are likely to conceive a girl. To date, there’s still more research showing the relationship between the pregnant women’s stress and baby’s sex.

3. Extreme mood swings

One of popular pregnancy symptoms revolved around the baby gender is the mood swings. Lots of women believe that mood swings have the relation to your unborn child’s gender.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can influence the mother’s mood. Many people claims that a lady conceiving a girl has higher levels of estrogen and is moodier than others. Nevertheless, scientific studies do not support this theory!

Scientists say that mood changes have nothing to deal with the baby gender because hormone levels tend to rise during pregnancy and fall after giving birth.

4. Having acne, dull skin and hair

There’s a saying that a baby girl will steal the beauty of her mother.

Plenty of people do believe that oily and dull skin, dull hair, and acne are signs you are carrying a little girl. Since this belief also has no scientific evidence, you don’t need to take it too serious.

We all know that hormonal changes during the pregnancy period are unpredictable.

5. Having severe morning sickness

Because the girl produces more hormones, her mother will suffer from much terrible morning sickness.

Yes, severe morning sickness is a sign of carrying a baby girl. The truth is that the women can determine the sex of an unborn child based on her illness during pregnancy. According to the 2017 research case, those who get pregnant to a girl experience more inflammation as their immune systems were exposed to bacteria.

If you carry a girl, you may feel extremely unwell comparing to women conceiving a boy.

5 Obvious Signs You’re Having a Baby Boy

As you’ve known about signs you’ll conceive a girl, it’s time to gain insight about baby boy symptoms during your early pregnancy.

Have a look at some noticeable signs of carrying a boy:

1. Craving salty foods

When you are pregnant with a baby boy, you will experience a huge craving for sour and salty foods.

The research in 2009 has shown the percentage of pregnant women that have food craving issues during their pregnancy is between 50% and 90%. You will be likely to give birth to a boy if you want to eat savory and salty foods. In case you have a girl, then you enjoy sweets more.

Nevertheless, a pregnant woman’s cravings are sometimes related to her nutritional requirements.

2. Carrying low

Many think that a lower bump is a sign of conceiving a little boy.

If carrying the baby high means you are having a baby girl, then carrying low is believed to mean that you will get pregnant with a boy. But as there’s no scientific evidence to back up for this myth, just take it as an entertaining purpose.

In fact, the shape of your bump is determined by other different factors.

3. Having no mood swings

Do you really think that expectant moms experiencing no mood swings will have a boy?

Unfortunately, I am not truly into this theory because it’s too general. All pregnant ladies are pretty moody regardless of the baby’s sex they are going to give birth. Due to the hormonal changes, mood swings are somewhat a very common occurrence for many pregnant women.

Yet, your personality changes predominantly can tell the sex of your unborn child.

Let’s see if there’s any change in your behavior! If you become aggressive, bold and dominant, then you are more likely to carry a boy.

4. Lower fetal heart rate

Is there any connection between your baby’s heart rate and the baby gender?

In accordance with the old wives tales, the lower fetal heart rate (around 140 beats) means you will conceive a baby boy. Meanwhile, you will have a girl if the heart rate beats faster.

A scientific study has shown that the heartbeat of a male fetus is quite fast, but it’s only by about 3 beats per minute.

5. Healthier hair and skin

This is quite opposite compared to the myth that having a girl will make your hair and skin dull. Maybe the baby boy does not take away his mother’s beauty because many claim that their hair as well as skin looks much healthier.

So once you find out that you’re pregnant, you should check if your hair is thick and lustrous.

Again, can this theory be considered as one of signs you’re having a boy?

Yes, you can use this hair and skin myth for fun, because in reality these changes depend on the pregnant woman’s hormones only. While some develop skin pigmentation or acne, others are granted with a “pregnancy glow”.

3 BEST Medical Tests to Indicate Your Baby’s Gender

Why medical tests are necessary for baby gender prediction?

As I told you earlier, it’s fun and interesting to predict your baby’s sex with all the popular myths and theories above. Nonetheless, none of them are scientifically proved so you are recommended not to believe in those results completely.

For more trustable predictions, personally I think you should try the following medical tests:

1. Ultrasound

Ultrasound scan is a very common method to gain a glimpse into the gender of your baby before he/she is born.

Most of ultrasound examinations are accurate – the accuracy rate for each medical test ranges from 85% to 90%. Not only giving you the check-up on the baby’s health, but the ultrasound scan also visualizes the fetus’s sex clearly.

The only downside of this method is that you can’t have the gender prediction test immediately. For an accurate result, doctors advise you to only do the ultrasound examination at the 17th week of your pregnancy.

2. Ramzi’s Method

If you are looking for a technique newer than the ultrasound scan, then let me inform you the Ramzi’s method.

No need to wait until the 17th week, this method allows you to determine the baby gender around the 6th week of pregnancy. Just be patient for 5 weeks and you will be able to use the Ramzi’s method.

How does this medical test work?

It will give you the result regarding your baby’s sex after analyzing the location of your placenta.

3. Genetic Testing

Lastly, here comes another popular genetic testing method.

This CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling) and Amniocentesis test indicates the sex of your unborn child before birth correctly. Please note that this genetic testing technique can only be done at the 10th-12th weeks of pregnancy. In addition, you are recommended to get the Amniocentesis test during the advanced stage of gestation.

Apart from predicting the baby’s sex, this method can give you a brief review of your baby’s health including autism.

These baby gender tests deliver almost 99% accurate results.

Free Baby Gender Prediction Chart

Known as one of old wives tales, the Chinese gender calendar is a very ancient tool allowing you to find out if the baby you’re conceiving is a boy or a girl.

Not absolutely correct, but it can give the gender prediction with 70% accuracy.

This Chinese gender predictor chart in 2019 is believed to have a long history (over 700 years old). It was created in the Qing dynasty to help the imperial family carry forward the family lineage.

How does the chart work?

All you need to do is to give your date of birth and date of conception, and you will discover your baby’s gender. Remember that the dates have to be calculated based on the Chinese lunar calendar.

Final Thoughts

  • Are you a proud mother of a cute baby boy or a lovely baby girl?
  • What symptoms mentioned above did you experience during your pregnancy?
  • Did those myths help determine the sex of your newborn?

Having curiosity about your baby’s gender is something very normal, but most importantly you need to be healthy as well as make sure your baby is healthy as well.

All the gender prediction methods here are only for fun.

We don’t expect you to make use of them as the replacement for medical examinations. Overall, we hope parents do believe in gender equality as we do.


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