4 Most Common Baby Gender Prediction Methods Revealed

4 Most Common Baby Gender Prediction Methods Revealed

Am I having a boy or a girl?

You want to know how to guess the gender of an unborn child.

Well, I get it!

Women will instantly become curious whether the little one in their womb is a boy or a girl once they know they’ve conceived.

Is there any way to determine your baby’s sex accurately?

In fact, there are plenty of baby gender prediction methods that could give your need assistance, from scientific techniques to even some weird ways.

Around the 18th – 20th weeks of your pregnancy, you can ask for the ultrasound scan which is the best predictor; however, it can only be done by the doctor.                

In this article, I’m going to present some common methods often utilized by many parents-to-be when it comes to predicting the gender of their little ones.

How to Find a Baby’s Gender During Pregnancy?

How to Find a Baby's Gender During  Pregnancy?

With just a simple search online, you are able to find many ways of guessing an unborn child’s sex. Back then, when people had had less knowledge regarding science or technology, how can they foresee a baby’s gender?

The answer is – observing signs and symptoms of a pregnant woman.

Of course, not all of the following methods are accurate, but some are highly recommended.

Check this quick list to see the odds of conceiving a boy or girl:

Belly shapePointed bellyRound shaped belly
Food cravingsSalty, sour and spicySweets, fruit juices and dairy products
Baby’s heart rateLess than 140 beats per minuteAround 140 beats per minute
Sleeping positionSleeping on leftSleeping on right
Morning sicknessRegular or normalExcessive
Extra weightYou carry in front (carrying high)You carry in hips and rear (carrying low)
MoodAggressive, dominating, and bolderMoody and irritable
UrineBright yellow Dull yellow
BreastsDarkened areolasLeft is larger than right
FaceLooks dullGlows
Hair growthStrongerThins out
SkinDarkerNo change
NoseGrowing biggerNo change
FeetNo changeSevere ankle and foot swelling
Wrist pulseLeft pulse is strongerRight pulse is stronger
Black line
(developing across the belly)
Long stretchable lines above your belly buttonShort lines from navel to pubic bone

Other Ways to Predict Baby Gender

If you don’t believe in pregnancy signs or symptoms, you can make use of old wives’ tales.

These superstitions as well as tradition beliefs were the result of different cultures.

1. Chinese gender prediction chart

Chinese gender  prediction chart

Have you tried Chinese gender chart yet?

More than 700 years old, this chart was purposely made to predict the baby’s gender based on the Chinese lunar calendar. To use the Chinese pregnancy calendar, you need the mother’s age at the time of conception and the conception month.

Proven to be up to 93% accurate, it’s easy to find the right Chinese baby gender calculator online nowadays.

You should check out the ancient gender chart here.

2. Wedding ring test

Wedding ring test

Considered as the oldest and most popular gender prediction method, this test needs only a string and your wedding ring.

How does it work?

Firstly, let’s tie the wedding ring to a string and then hold the swinging ring over the belly when lying down. Observe the ring’s movement – if it keeps moving back and forth, you are carrying a boy; on the other hand, if it moves in a circular motion, you’ve conceived a baby girl.

Though the wedding ring test has no scientific evidence, it’s worth a try.

3. Baking soda theory

Baking soda theory

Here comes another old wives’ tale for the baby gender test – this is such an easy DIY experiment done a lot by expectant mothers.

Well, all you need is a cup of your clear urine and baking soda.

Mix the urine with 2 teaspoons of baking soda and wait for the miracle. If you see the mixture fizzes or bubbles up, then you have a boy. In case the mixture has no reaction, the result is a girl.

The time to do this test is important; you should perform the baking soda theory at the end of the first trimester for a better outcome.

How much true baking soda pregnancy test is?

Amaze yourself with this video:

For women who want more insights into your pregnancy rather than the experiments above, then you should contact one talented online pregnancy psychic.

Gifted with extraordinary abilities, the so-called psychic advisors enable to tell whether or not you will get pregnant in the near future (3-6 months), to predict the gender of your unborn child, or to help build a strong connection between the mother and her baby.

In general, don’t take all the gender prediction methods here too seriously.

They are just a speculation as no one can assure the result is 100% accuracy. The only way to figure out your baby’s sex is – simply waiting until the delivery.


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